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The Royal Oak, Rusper

Well said TWG. I have noticed a similar problem between certain pubs and a certain senior member of the local commissariat in South Herts.

3 Sep 2012 15:29

The Old Coffee House, Soho

Visited 4 times in last few months. "Angry, surly barman" is hardly the cuddly type (I believe there are other pubs in the area that cater for that need!) but I've never had any problems with him. Always prompt to serve, knows his ales and the only time I've been given a bad pint was end of barrel (it happens) and it was changed without question. A good selection (5) of Brodies excellent ales with Kiwi being the favourite amongst our company. Also tried their new key-keg offering which was full of flavour but I am not a fan of this over-chilled, over-priced fad called "craft" ales.

3 Sep 2012 11:56

The Old Inn, Gairloch

Pleasant bar although agree about the intrusive tv. Found staff to be attentive and friendly. Inhouse brew was "Mike's Mild" - not to my tast but seemed in good nick. My pint of Tradewinds not in best condition but drinkable. However, end of barrel reached soon afterwards and next one on was Crofters Pale. Barman aware I had taken one of the last pints and, without prompting, poured a Crofters for me without charge, despite the fact that I had nearly finished the TW. He'll go far! (And I shall return.)

30 Aug 2012 12:49

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