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Username: Louise_Claire

Age: 32

Sex: ?

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The Crows Nest, Lincoln

They do good activity days for the kids, and its the center poin t of the Brant rd 10k! its a nice lil place, enjoy an odd drink in there altho I tend to b more tempted to go the the Plough on the Neward road/ brant road cross roads

22 Jun 2007 14:12

Chicago Rock Cafe, Lincoln

I've only been in there once! n being 18 it was a bit of an experiance. Altho it was a good night to b honest! the staff are very polite! and its 2 4 1 cocktails on Fridays, also Friday till 10 is Kareoke night which we had a ball with. I think even the DJ was shocked to find us in there because he gave us unlimited drink! Can't ask for more than that really! altho I wouldn't say its the place to go if ur on a proper night out, we just went for a couple of drinks n a quiet night out n ended up having a balst

22 Jun 2007 14:07

The Cheltenham, Lincoln

Ermmm... its an alright place to start. Watch ur back n u should b alright... ermm can have a game of pool if u can fight ur way to a table, but its dead cheap which may go a little way to explaining the type of clientel. some alright music, but not a place to dance rather to get tipsy quickly. It can b quite a challenge gettin to the bar, n once u get there u have to fight to get 1 of the 2 bar maids attention. Its somewhere to start off the night, but thats about it.

22 Jun 2007 13:59

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