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The Bell Inn, Outwood

Last time I visited this place I wrote a raving review. Not this time however. I was flying out of Gatwick and staying close by I thought I would revisit. A big mistake. Got to the pub and was informed that they had a curry night. Not so bad as I quite like that food. But was told that it was after last orders for food and they would have to ask their manageress if this was okay. It was but it took nearly twenty minutes to find them. She didn't seem at all interested that we were there, we were more of a hindrance. The curry was on a buffet style set up and looked less than appetising. The chef was stood at the bar and was noted to go outside to smoke. Disgusting. The price was okay for what you could eat but I felt we were rushed and I can really say that I won't be coming back to what it a very nice pub. The staff seemed to be in a mood and there was a lot of swearing from the people at the bar. A very unpleasant experience to the start of my holiday.

27 Oct 2012 01:43

The Bell Inn, Outwood

WOW, Myself and some friends popped into this pub today as we were passing and I can say I was 100% impressed. We were a party of 8 and were accommodated immediately by the barman who humorously said we should have booked. I liked this gut straight away. Was happy that they has esb on tap and they had london pride and chiswick as well. Once he had finished our round he then proceeded to promote a beer called brewer reserve 3. I said I would have one when we left. We then took our seats and were explained what specials there were as well as wine offers. The meal was extraordinary and the price reflected this. After paying I then bought some of the reserve and the barman once again proved his worth when he said he still had some of the previous lot. I left with some of number 2 and a load of number 3. A brilliant experience which you don't get much these days. The pub was fantastic with staff taking there time out even though they were busy.
Will definately be back.

29 Aug 2011 02:02

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