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Username: Localpisshead

Age: 62

Sex: male

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The Cutler, North Anston

Thanx Stables entertainment, my mate was supposed to be doing his Elvis tribute there on the 19th July, he had a phone call saying he was cancelled because the pub was losing money & the guy who ran it was leaving, my mate has sang there twice before going down brilliantly, but i see there is a full entertainment package & a Robbie Williams tribute is on the night he should have been on, i think he has been cancelled under false pretenses as there is a Elvis tribute on a week before my mate should have been on, the whole thing stinks & artists should not be treated this way.

11 Jun 2008 22:10

The Cutler, North Anston

Hi is this pub still doing live entertainment, if so can somebody put up a list of who is performing pleeze, thanx.

5 Jun 2008 17:56

King Harold, Harold Wood

On the 23 June 2007,a Elvis singer turned up at this pub & so did a band, they left as it was a double booking, Elvis performed all night, & not once through the night did the landlady come up & say that he was not her cup of tea, he did his 1 half/2 hours the crowd liked him, but at the end of the night, the landlady refused to pay because, now let me put it like this SHE PERSONALLY DID NOT LIKE HIM, crap he deserved his money, he did the gig, i am sorry but i have been in this buisiness along time, & i would not have left without the full payment, he should have stood his ground & told her that he was not leaving without his money, she has taken the p**s, she has let him do his job all night & at the end f****d him off with a lame excuse, why didn't she pay him off after the 1st 10 or 15 mins, i hate people like that,she took money behind the bar, he kept the punters in & they spent money & they had a good night, i am in equity & there is know way on gods earth that i personally would not leave any premises without any well earned money, Elvis did his job, & he should be paid in full, i am sorry i am going on, but this just makes me mad, & i will do everything in my power for a boycot of all entertainers in this place, nobody should be treated in this way.

24 Jun 2007 13:19

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