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The Plume Of Feathers, Tewin

Sadly, this pub went to the dogs under Nigel Walker. Apart from the shocking food, cleanliness and service it became used as a meeting place for ne'er do wells both from the village and nearby towns. Originally just a local lad, William, and his burglary gang used to meet here, but several of the Rose & Crown gang decamped here after getting banned for punching the landlord - mainly the Sadlers. It just got worse and worse from that point. Terrible Greene King Ales and bottom-end microwave meals.

15 Jan 2023 18:15

Rose and Crown, Tewin

Alas, this pub has been run by an ever worsening series of landlords since Neil and Tats left more than a decade ago.

A local gang associated with the Sadler family began using the pub as their base leading to no end of trouble in the village. Over recent years, there have been numerous incidents originating from pub patrons ranging from destroying the village Christmas tree, to stealing the main telephone cable for scrap metal, to regular vandalism of cars and drug dealing. There has been targeted verbal abuse of villagers from the pub garden and smoking area to the point that several families have sold up and moved from the village to avoid it. The landlord seems at best unwilling to deal with the behaviour and at worst complicit.

Given the lack of custom, there is much speculation regarding the actual business model of the pub. There is not much in the way of real ale beyond Greene King bilge, The food is very variable and the family that runs the pub is notorious for being abusive to respectable customers. It is a great shame as not only could it be a lovely pub but it has also been the source of a great deal of unhappiness for villagers. Best avoided, as is the Plume of Feathers up the road.

15 Jan 2023 18:01

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