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Username: LightTripper

Age: 47

Sex: female

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The Captain Kidd, Wapping

I used to live practically upstairs from this pub, and always enjoyed popping down for a half of cider (not a big fan of Sam Smiths beers). It's got the best river location of any of the Wapping pubs, with a wide terrace and low wall so that you can actually see the river (no annoying screens here!) That alone makes it a good pick for me. I agree with others that the food is not great though (even the upstairs restaurant, which is a bit dead, was fine but not amazing when we tried it).

21 Jul 2011 14:09

The Talbot, Kingsland

I had to add my comment because I am a local and this is my favourite pub, so I felt its low score here was rather unfair (and maybe reflecting previous owners more than the current ones).

In comparison with the other De Beauvoir pubs this one is a bit more relaxed, and a slightly older crowd (still some trendies, but friendly ones and lots of older locals too - and yes, as some previous owners have said, their dogs are welcome! I met a lovely Basset Hound and her owner here when we were still considering moving to the area, and it was definitely a plus in our decision on where to move to). You can actually get to the bar and order a drink even on a Friday or Saturday night without being ignored while various young people in hats/with beards get served before you, which for us 30-somethings and older is a boon. It's decorated in a really nice cosy but unfussy way. There are always seats upstairs if downstairs is full, and in summer you can usually find an outside table, either on the street, in the back garden (for food), or the first floor terrace.

It's got a very chilled atmosphere, the owners and staff are really friendly, and it's always busy enough to have a buzz but usually not too crowded. At the weekends there is music (sometimes a DJ) but it's fairly low-fi and you can still hear yourself talk and think.

The food is generally very good. I agree it is a bit hit and miss, particularly on the portion sizes (although I haven't had any small portions the last 2-3 times I've been, so maybe they are working on this) - I have had some stuff that is really excellent and some stuff that is just "fine". If you're hungry have a look at what other people are ordering or ask the staff and they will help! The Sunday roasts are very good (and big!), and the Bloody Marys/Virgin Marys are also a great weekend treat.

21 Jul 2011 14:02

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