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Username: Ky71

Age: 51

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The Castle, Brentwood

So sad to hear about The Castle shutting down. I spent every weekend between 91 - 94 there. Happy days. Crispin was the best landlord ever! It is interesting to read the other reviews. I don't come to Brentwood much these days. About a year ago a friend and I popped into The Castle for a trip down memory lane only to find all memories had been erased...lump in throat!!!!
The sweaty black leather clad nights, live music, Cripins roast potaoes, John Otway performing headbutt!Beat of the Beast....... Chumbawama!!!EEEK sweat pouring off the ceiling when a gig was in full swing!
Dave Apps (moody in the corner) Andy, Jill, Adam, Cath, Adrian B, Adrian M, Scott and Scott, Matt, Julia all the older but very cool Bikers and Goths, Heaven just pure heaven.............I salute you all and thank you for making the early 90's the time of my life.

6 Mar 2007 20:22

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