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The Star, St John's Wood

Lovely local pub.
No pretensions, just gets all the little things right:
o Beers always in good condition and served at right temperature.
o Glasses are always spotless
o Pub is immaculately clean
o Staff are friendly and welcoming
o (In my experience) Serves the best kept Guinness in London

No food.
2 wines: White & Red!
Good sized patio at front for sunny days / smoking.

27 Sep 2009 18:51

The Eagle, Clerkenwell

I can understand the mixed reviews becuse The Eagle, like many popular places, has often been a victim of its own success. It gets scarily busy at times and yes - perhaps some of the staff haven't graduated from the catering & hospitality charm school...
But credit where it's due: The Eagle (under its present owner) opened back in 1991 or 1992. It was a groundbreaking pub in that, it served fantastic food, good beer and quality wine at pub prices in a 'pub' setting. There are no reservations, table linen, printed menus or even table service. You walk in, order your drink at the bar and (if you feel like it) a plate of food too. Its strengths lie in the simplicity and quality of the offer: great food and drink, without any frills.
I was a regular here back in the nineties and make the occasional visit if I find myself in Farringdon. To this day, I have never had a bad meal here or a bad pint. The Eagle is widely credited as starting the revolution in pubs which has seen a marked improvement in choice and quality of food and drinks - giving rise to the (questionably entitled) 'Gastropub' sector.
Whilst many gastropubs have become restaurants with a bar attached and ignored the 'something for everyone' appeal of a traditional pub, the Eagle (in my opinion) has remained true to its public house identity. When I first went there they had a sign displayed reading 'Dirty Boots Welcome' - a wonderful riposte to the 'Smart Dress Only' notices employed by many pubs and bars at the time. When I was a regular here, the clientele (that I knew) included firemen, postal workers, magazine editors, photographers, journalists, cabinet makers, plumbers, fashion stylists and lawyers - quite a mix!
As for who the locals are now, I couldn't say. For me, as long as I am able to enjoy my pint in peace or with my friends, I am happy. And that is something I can do with ease at the Eagle.
If you want a decent drink or a tasty plate of food without paying through the nose for it - The Eagle won't disappoint. If you are more interested in the furniture and fittings or concerned about the demographics of your fellow punters, then maybe it's not the right place for you.

27 Sep 2009 18:28

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