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Username: Joe_Johnson

Age: 43

Sex: male

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The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

I've cleaned the doombar pipes and fixed that toilet door, and jonBonser you'll be paid on the 20th early for christmas so dont worry.

20 Dec 2010 11:00

The Queens Head, Weybridge

Where do I start with the shocking meal I had last night here….

The Queens Head in a shrewd marketing move changed their phone number so after ringing several wrong numbers across Google and almost giving up I eventually found the new company White Brassiere and booked. The table was supposed to be ready for 8:30 but upon arrival they had no record of us and I was made to feel this was my fault and we then ended up sitting down at 9:00.

The meal started badly, 6 people offered 4 small slices of bread with no side plates and butter swimming in water. I complained and was told abruptly "it’s complementary!" Wow thanks ever so much I thought as I used my menu as a plate.

The tables looked like they’d been dressed by WHSmith, brown parcel paper wrapped the tables with cheap napkins bound in string, no expense spared! Must have lot of change from the 100K make over

The menu was disappointing, so I hoped there would be some interesting specials, I was wrong there were 2! And one of those was on the main menu pretty much. So uninspired by this poor menu we all opted for there steak "Free range Cornish sirloin steak" to be precise 10oz for £19.

My partner who is 8 months pregnant asked for well done for obvious reasons, hers was delivered rare! It was sent back but came back again rare! I wanted rare, got medium and mine was half the sise of my friends and yet we all chose 10oz. To make matter worse the steak was like shoe leather tough gristly cheap! Although not for me. I sent mine back but out came medium shoe leather. Even the chips were bad hadn’t been fried long enough so were soggy

No home made sauces to go with the steak either, just a metal basket plonked on the table with small bottles of Heinz ketchup, Mustard etc I though I was in the Harvester for a moment

They did offer me another meal but I was fed up as this stage and complained about the whole evening to the manager. He didn’t charge us for the steak but really this was the least he could do. If they had been more apologetic and written off all or more of the bill I wouldn’t be writing this review. I overhead lots of people complaining so we weren’t alone.

Raymond Blanc said in a BBC1 interview this year 'there is more to life' than Michelin stars maybe he was referring to the new Queens Head as this place will never get near one.

5 Sep 2010 13:03

The Station House, Addlestone

good pub if you don’t mind that someone was murdered in it

22 Jan 2010 13:34

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