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Username: Jmatthews

Age: 41

Sex: ?

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The Plough Inn, Wellington

I have registered on this website for the sole purpose of bringing to attention the horrific night i had with my fiance last night in The Plough Inn.
We were in wellington at 11pm with some friends, they took us to the plough inn (we had never been here before). Walking through the dorr the atmosphere was lively so i went to the bar to buy the first round of drinks for me and my fiance i gave a twenty pound note and recieved a 11 pence in change after ordering a pint of lager and glass of wine. I disputed with the bar staff abouth this and got nowhere. I thought lets just finish these "very expensive drinks" and leave as we sat down i saw a man ( around 40) proceed to repeatedly hit a couple of lads and spit on a girl they were with. I rushed straight over to the bar to try to alert the manager to this problem, i approached the same barlady who had ripped me off with the drinks, I asked for the manager who she said was called Edd, she shouted for him, it was the same man that had hit the group of people. I said "you cant just be assaulting people like that" he swore at me repeatedly then swore at my fiance and our friends we were with and said "i'll F**king Kill You".
We left immidiatly, i later found out that one of the lads had accidentily knocked a glass over outside in the smoking area and it had smashed.

I Had an appauling night and my fiance left in tears after being threatend.

1 May 2010 22:51

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