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The Chequers, Burcot

Dear all,

I would like to respond for the last time to Mr.
I am including one of many emails we sent him and his partner in regards to his bad experience at The Chequers, alas we still have never had a reply from him.

"I have tried to contact you previously but still with no success.
We have taken your complaint very seriously, and have investigated the matter fully. As some of the issues you have raised are totally unforgivable and have not been tolerated, to the extent that the two young girls working that night are no longer employees.
I would really like to talk to you personally about the complaints and issues you had on the 20th October 2010 and to offer my apologies about your terrible experience. I would like to invite you back to The Chequers to hopefully change your opinion, and to show you that the service you received on your last visit does not reflect my restaurant.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,
Steven Sanderson
01865 407771"

As any one who runs a business knows; staff are the hardest part of a business and give every employer thousands upon thousands of headaches. My business is no different. The two girls who served the couple on that particular evening were dismissed the next day for stealing. A bad call on my behalf to employ them, but my mistake was quickly corrected.

I have set very high standards for my staff for the past five years and will continue to do so for the future. We please nearly all of our customers but as anybody in the service industry knows, it is impossible to please everyone.
The chequers has continued to grow year on year since I have been here, and our restaurant is now better than ever and is highly critically acclaimed within the gastro pub industry. Anybody who has been here more recently would agree.

10 May 2011 19:11

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