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Essex and London (although do occasionally venture further afield) based quest to find places which provide a good pint and a pleasant atmosphere.

Username: Jay28

Age: 50

Sex: male

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The Three Horseshoes, Felsted

As with most really good public houses in Essex, this has been turned into “housing units”.

Was a lovely little village boozer catering to all local types, workers from the Ridleys brewery about a mile away, local agricultural types, middle class villagers, and the local squirearchy with their big uncomfortable dusty half-timbered houses. Just a snapshot of old Engalnd, getting on with one another and having fun, sometimes at one another’s expense.

Gone now. More housing units squeezed into a small village.

The village has gone now. Just an extension of the suburbs.

I used to pop in here as a schoolboy. I was enrolled in a nearby institution. We used to spy on it (like MI5) and wait till the teachers had left, and then go in and blag a pint.

In those days publicans didnt really worry if you were under age, as long as you were well behaved they turned a blind eye. They took the view that you were going to drink anyway, so probably best you did so under supervision (sound logic. Done away with by Blair/Brown government int the 90’s with their draconian legislation).

Amyway. England of my youth. FUBR. My daughter’s generation suffer the consequences. Made to feel unwanted in their own communities. Sad.

25 Jan 2023 20:30

The Spread Eagle, Margaretting

No they didn’t Ingatstonian, they sold it to developers and turned it into “housing units”. Welcome to the South East of England people.

Those lovely little villages that managed to somehow have the small tradesman (like the local knife sharpener) living harmoniously alongside the millionaire businessman, which used to make the pub experience so interesting, are gone. We are now just the dormitory suburb of Northern Europe.

Expect to walk into a pub and find the same bewildered and worried middle class dingbats worrying about their house prices and nursing a half pint of £7 a glass plonk wine.

Don’t worry about the fact that your kids can’t afford a house. Yours is probably worth 50 times more than you paid for it, but that’s still not enough, and the kids are asking that question? Dad, could you help me out…

25 Jan 2023 19:41

Ivory Peg, Chelmsford

If I get asked “anything else” in here after giving my carefully considered order I am going to blow my stack and go on a Michael Ryan style rampage.

Do the staff assume that:

A. I am too old to remember what I need to order
B. That I am so thick that I have got my order wrong
C. I am too pissed to remember what it was I wanted (entirely possible actually!)

Or is this some management technique from that moon faced antipodean dingbat that owns this chain to try and get people to buy more products against their better judgement?

Just pack it in.

I know what I want. I don’t need prompting to buy more stuff.

I like this pub, but if I get one more “anything else” I am voting with my feet.

It always reminds me of the barbers who used to ask “anything else”. I.e, rubber johnnies when I was a young chap and used to go for a haircut. That was at least useful, and sometimes necessary (but not as often as I would have liked!). The “something else” at Whetherspoons is just bloody annoying.

25 Jan 2023 17:46

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