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Essex and London (although do occasionally venture further afield) based quest to find places which provide a good pint and a pleasant atmosphere.

Username: Jay28

Age: 51

Sex: male

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Ivory Peg, Chelmsford

Hulots-hat, Thomas Paine knew a thing or too. I wonder if what riled him up so much that he crossed the Atlantic and wrote the US constitution was something like them putting up a billboard in his local pub forcing you to read the squire’s view on an issue of the day?

I was once caught reading “The Rights of Man”. In a pub not far from the one we are posting about now. It was a masonic evening and a lot of older gents in smart black suits were lingering around. I got engaged in conversation by a gaggle of them… what are you reading?…. Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man… isn’t that all a bit simplistic for the modern age?… no…. Oh, so you think you are smarter than all of us then?… no…that’s all been discredited now and it’s a bit left wing isn’t it…. I don’t think so…backs were turned and more important conversations were attended to about the relative merits of the new Jaguar, and how Fred had recently landed a contract for houses to be built etc. etc.

Your comment is pertinent.

29 Feb 2024 21:47

Ivory Peg, Chelmsford

Forget the food, forget the drink. This pub’s primary function is as a political billboard.

It always had that in-house magazine where the owner spouted his political views on the extended op-ed pages. The mag also contained reviews of his own pubs and reviews of his own products. Guess what, the consensus was that they were pretty good. Who would have thought it?

The beauty of the mag was that you didn’t have to read it.

However, this pub has now decided to up the ante and has placed a billboard on the bar explaining how the owner triumphed over the evil gutter press who dared to print something about his policies towards staff during COVID 19.

So now when I go to order a pint I am faced with this nonsense. I can’t escape it. I asked the bar manager whether the poster reflected her views (after all, she was probably at the sharp end of the thing, and might know what the truth was about those allegations of a PLC constructively dismissing its staff because it feared for its profit?). She said “we have to put that up there”

Well, indeed.

Having brought our Country to its knees fighting fascism in 2 world wars for the principle of being able to think, do and say what ever we bloody well like, we now have to face the ugly truth of fascism from New Zealand!!!

Wow. I could see it coming from the Germans and the Russians, but the Kiwis? That one blindsided me I have to say.

Next time you swill your pint in wetherspoons, reflect upon this. The beer may turn sour in your mouth and a bilious reaction set in, building to a strong feeling of resentment. Don’t worry, this is quite natural and simply happens to any true bred Briton when he or she is taken for a fool.

George Orwell, stated in his book 1984 that the future was a boot stamping on a human face… forever. That is starting to sound like a relatively benign prediction. After all, the boot stamping thing might at least have been done in private. Nowadays, it would be on social media, and displayed on the top of the bar in your favourite watering-hole.

14 Feb 2024 18:57

Kings Head, Braintree

Yes, The Drains, shut down. Never to be re-opened. Now a private house. No one will ever get a pint in there again.

As a teenager I remember Bradford Street had 3 pubs, a hotel, a butchers, a greengrocer, a fabric shop, a newsagent and a video rental place, a museum, also a petrol station with hardware store en suite. That was in the mid 80’s.

One might have said, a community?

And that was just one street in a small market town.

Now, it is just houses, full of London overspill dingbats who have basically moved there because they are racist UKIP morons who thought that their own communities were threatened so they were justified in migrating into ours and ruining them.

There is nothing there now but houses. The tradesmen all sold out (understandably) to the highest bidder.

So now, if we want a drink, a newspaper, a cut of meat, etc. we have to go to the big corporate concerns out of town, such as Tesco, vintage Inns, etc.

This is why I say our County is FUBR. Perhaps our country is FUBR, but I still see the odd place I visit which retains some of the original character, although mostly up North.

Anyway. The Kings Head was a decent boozer, a little set in its ways maybe, but I cut my teeth there and so did some of my chums. We were respectful of the locals, had a joke with them, and played them at darts ( we lost) and never disgraced ourselves. We would have considered that bad manners.

20 Mar 2023 22:46

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