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Royal Oak, Fritham

Well let's avoid the personal insults. I disagree with both StoutChappie and TFA (who fortunately is not!) - children and their parents are vital for the success, no existence, of tens of thousands of the pubs in the UK.

There is very little, if any money, to be made from half pint supping real ale drinkers. Food, soft drinks (coke at 2.50 a pint, cost some 25p) and wine are what keeps the great British institution of pubs alive.

I am one of those annoying people you lovingly cherish so much... travelled to the New Forest to meet at Fritham with friends and our..... CHILDREN plus heaven forbid... our DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS!!!

I know, utterly scandalous for 2011 - when will I learn?!

This pub is lovely - but being proud that you have such a limited menu (pork pies/ploughmans/quiche) all served in a plate so small that when it arrives it looks as though the chef has gone for three helpings at the buffet cart - is madness.

Food was nice but nearest cash point is eight miles away, so like theredcat we watched group after group stare at each other in amazement when they were told no cards.

OK no chips - my children don't eat chips, nor do they like red sauce. They will eat "grown up" food. So maybe the Royal Oak could serve it? Because cold sausage roll and mounds of salad for a warming Sunday lunch is not good enough to drag me back.

It will continue to do well - but if you aren't drinking an ale on a cold, wet windy evening I think there are many better pubs locally.

4 Apr 2011 14:07

The Camel & Artichoke, Waterloo

Nice pub, but nothing more than that. Only stocks Greene King ale - either IPA, Old Speckled Hen etc. When I asked the barman why only Greene King ales he replied: "Because we sell a lot of them"..... Genius response.

Nice atmosphere and as I say nice pub. Would not make a special trip to it but if in the area and fancied a lager then it would do.

4 Apr 2011 13:50

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