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Username: Interplanet_Janet

Age: 52

Sex: ?

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Hawkins Meeting House, Plymouth

I was introduced to Hawkin's this past summer. I have found Hawkin's to be an outstanding environment. Since the first day, I have felt like I have known everyone all my life. From the customers to the workers, everyone has made me feel at home. Its apparent that gravedigga hasnt been in Hawkins lately because its cleaner than most pubs in Plymouth. And the woman are very much abundant. Some nights there are more women than men in there. And tuna is forgetting that the MAJORITY of captains, pirates, and RICH people in the 1600's were in fact slave traders AND owners. So no matter who's name you use from pre 1900's, chances are, its a criminal or someone who did wrong ... but I love the history of it! Who cares? Guy Fawes is celebrated with a bonfire every year LOL.... Back to whats important.... HAWKIN'S is a fantastic place to be. The staff are the most friendly I have ever met and the atmosphere cant be beat by any other gay pub in Devon. They even have a great selection of food!!!!! Come on by... then come back and leave your comments.. if Im wrong, Ill retract this comment. And be known as a zero... NOT .... HAWKINS IS THE BEST !!!!!!!! Cant wait to see everyone there. Whoooop!

22 Oct 2010 15:06

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