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Username: HortonKid

Age: 57

Sex: ?

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The Royal Stag, Datchet

generally an OK pub - in a nice village, its got a reasonably good selection of beers and wines, I think most to suit 90% of us. Its quite friendly but there is a large clique contingent which can be annoying. The staff have been changing, but they did have a bunch of ignorant dopey people working there for a while - e.g. Do you want ice in your Merlot? this wasn't a one off.
The upside is that its a good central place to meet and has a decent atmosphere, even when empty, so I think the location does a lot for it. The food is reasonable by pub standards but expensive. I'd take my kids and wife there if I was passing, but not specifically on a Sunday etc. As a pick up joint it probably has a reasonable offering - there are all types and ages go in so I'm sure there's something for anyone.

18 Feb 2007 18:14

The Crown Inn, Horton

If you're out for a pint with the lads after working all day on site, this pub is for you. If youre chasing women or men its not at all the place to go. I think that Poppy77 had the right idea about the place in as much that the staff and locals are 'down to earth'. Problem is its the sort of place that makes you feel like a loser and its not family orientated unless you're part Pikey. If it hadn't been fifty feet away i'd NEVER drink in the place. Eating is cheap but you get what you pay for so dont complain. As for adjectives like welcoming, beautiful and re-born!!' you must be joking...
Finally, the Guiness and the lager is just fine, as it is in lots of other pubs.

18 Feb 2007 18:02

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