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Username: Hornchurchpaul

Age: 69

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The Swan, Brentwood

I returned to The Swan on Dec 5th 2009 with a party of 8 friends. Sad to say we were forced to leave by the presence of a 'DJ' playing loud and distorted music, making conversation impossible. I hope this isnt the shape of things to come.

6 Dec 2009 17:08

Huntsman and Hounds, Upminster

I hadnt been in here for many years, since the bad old days untill recently and immediatly spotted by the interior that it was another Ember Inn. Exactly the same fake, 'plastic' interior as Ember Inns nearby it has a bland souless atmosphere, Beer was not overpriced and well kept but the fact that the Adnams was 'off' was not advertised by a bar towel over the pump or swivelling the pump clip. The bar maid who served us looked like she wanted to be somewhere else and we later discovered where, snogging her boyfriend in the outside smoking area. The carbon footprint of this place isnt done any favours by the four electric radiant heaters keeping a mainly empty smoking area warm. The early evening restaurant clientele seemed to be leaving en masse as we arrived, the pub was later largley taken over by loud and boistrous young men. Not a pub I shall be returning to.

19 Oct 2008 14:13

Optimist Tavern, Upminster

Another drab Ember Inn. Beer is well kept but rather predictable and dull (Green King IPA et al) the all female staff seemed to spend a lot of time chatting rather than serving. Had to wait ages in a quiet period, what were they doing? Havnt tried the food but the menu was rather eclectic relying heavily on dishes enhanced with cheese (Im dairy intolerant). I dont think they could cope if there was a rush on. There seemed to be a very low turnover of drinks which meant the 4 fat ladies had plenty of time to converse and put the world to rights.

3 Oct 2008 22:58

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