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Username: HonestMan1965

Age: 56

Sex: male

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O'Connells Bar, Chatham

I am some what shocked at the latest below messages. I've regularly used O'Connells for the last 5 years at least 3 or 4 nights a week when i get off the train on my way home. Since the new mangement have taken over the pub has gone down hill.
Before the pub was welcoming, always busy in there, warm, clean great beer, friendly staff and great customers. NOW the pub is
empty never seen more than 3 people in there including bar staff
cold front door always open
Messy - Bare walls and super heros pictures on walls ?!?!
More interested in selling cakes and tea then pulling a decent pint
I've also been advised that they letting people in that were barred before (trouble makers)

So overall im very unhappy with the new management and how they are changing it (y fix something that is not broken?!?!)

I would reccomend this pub now to someone who is looking for a quick pint and enjoy tumbleweed as company!

P.S wouldnt advise to use the toilets unless you like standing next to thugs snorting drugs.......

16 Mar 2011 19:55

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