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Username: Gzornenplat

Age: 65

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The Kings Head, Holmbury St Mary

Interesting series of comments from the last 5 'people'. All of whom seem to have joined BITE on the day they made their comments and have said nothing else about anywhere else in the mean time.

What do you need to know about the pub?

* You will find a new beer there that you probably haven't heard of before every time you go unless you go there more than once a week

* I've never had a bad pint there since the new lot took over. Bad pints is why I stopped going there before, but that was a looong time ago, probably before the previous lot had it.

* The food I've tried has been fine, but I haven't tried much of it.

* There's live music, themed food evenings, a beer festival coming up, the occasional outing. They seem to be trying.

* One of the big advantages is that people who judge by appearance apparently don't want to come back. Is the landlord's choice of trousers the most important factor when you go for a pint? (Obviously if the options are 'yes' and 'no' then it *is* a concern.) And how many times have you left a pub at chucking out time muttering 'Well the beer was crap, but at least the barman wasn't wearing an earring'?

* On the down side, I have to admit it can be cold in there.

I urge you to check (anywhere on this site) how many reviews have been posted be a reviewer before you judge how seriously you take them (I don't know why BITE doesn't put it next to the reviewer's name) - is it from a rival - is it from the owner - and how long ago they were posted - is the review about the current manager/landlord?

And I have to admit I'm biased - I like the place. It's a real pub. I live quite a way away and still call in when I can, but I have no other connection to the pub other than that.

19 Apr 2012 15:12

The Royal Oak, Bookham

Hmm. My last post has disappeared. All I said 3 weeks ago was that they had run out of beer when I went there, the Krony ran out as I drank it, and a change of management seemed imminent.

Well, there's a new manager/landlord (not sure what the arrangement is) as of a few days ago. Too early to tell how it will go, of course, but the beer (well, the Wychwood I had) was up to the usual standard.

Let's see how long this comment lasts :-)

20 Feb 2012 15:23

The Plough, Effingham

I didn't actually accuse you of anything, but I reckon you are right to believe that you and this pub aren't suited. Maybe not for the reasons you think, though.

12 Feb 2012 12:00

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