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The Harvest Moon, Thorley

Hmmm.... it has been a while since I visited so this may be dated. It was alright, a really nice pub, full of character with an exposed locals snug, the food was actually quite good and the service was... acceptable I am usually quite positive about GK pubs (They serve Abbot!) However this one was big, busy and lacking in atmosphere, which I found sadly lacking. The garden was a little wet on my visit, I was (In all honesty) a little damp and the fire was not roaring (WHY NOT IN DECEMBER?????) The Abbot was good and it did what I hoped but I left wanting more.... but sadly, maybe not from here. I probably will return but I am not sure when as I do not live locally and did not get the chance subsequently. I will have to be honest though and say this visit occurred December 2012 so many things may have changed and I hope for the better.(5 then!)

4 Nov 2014 21:37

Kings Arms Hogshead, Colchester

One thing to add.... it is not a Hogshead... where did that come from? Confused!

4 Nov 2014 21:27

Kings Arms Hogshead, Colchester

Now this is in my new local area, so I thought I better pop in and see what the fuss is about... I liked it. It gave the impression of being huge... it wasn't! The garden though made up for it, it was brimming with people, under two tent like structures, there was some flaming heaters under the tents and there was a great little barn structure to the left with more traditional bar type heating. Up the back (I did not visit) was a garden bar - it was just opening and it must be very helpful after the mass of customers that had filled the business since I arrived. I did not eat on this occasion as it looked busy but I may in the future as there was some interesting things on the menu that just demand a try "monkey fingers???"

I had an Abbot Ale (Surprise!!) it was actually very good and the bar man was happy to give out a few tasters of the others even once I had bought the Abbot... now that is service!!! He told me about the cellar and plans for the future and to be honest... It sounds good there, well planned, run and frequented.

I will pop back during a less busy occasion and let you know how I got on, all in all though, not bad at all. Not sure if I am up for Halloween though... might just pack myself up in bed and ride out the incoming storm on that one.. maybe with a tin of Abbot?

4 Nov 2014 21:26

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