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The Crown, Leaves Green

Our ramblers club organised with The Crown Inn, Leaves Green, Keston, Kent, for us to have lunch after a ramble nearby. We arrived to the empty pub just before 1 pm. Once we arrived we were to make our own arrangement for food and drink. As we entered I asked my friend if he and his wife would like a drink and whilst I was ordering the drinks he ordered gammon and chips for them both. After about twenty minutes he returned to the bar to order a round, Some of the club were still ordering food, I ordered liver and bacon for my wife and I. I wanted a different ale from the one I previously had. As the barman approached with it I could smell it was off. The barmen reluctantly changed it, he went to the cellar and when he returned advised that the cask had been open to the atmosphere all night. After about an hour and a quarter, after all the others had been served with their food they served our table of six. Our friends who ordered long before us were still waiting for their gamon and chips. My friend asked when they were to get theirs , the women shrugged her shoulders, and he asked for their money back, so they could go elsewhere, she replied if you wish
and then said the food would be a few minutes, no apology. When it eventually arrived ten minutes later, the bacon was very fatty and the few mostly burnt chips were floating in grease, they said it tasted of liver. He commented on the size and condition of the food and was told very sarcastically "I am very sorry if that is how you feel", as she dashed for the kitchen. We were appalled.

15 Oct 2012 18:50

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