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The Fountain Head, Thornton Heath

I had the Privelige to Run this Pub for a while in 2002 what a great pub it was for the locals loved it some really great charactors drank there and its very Sad that Youngs Pub Company saw fit to sell for developement yet again money comes 1st

11 Jan 2010 18:31

The Princess Royal, Croydon

Once again on looking at reviews, The Landlady Janice took over in December of I think 2004 and brought it back up to par and as JohnBonsor described the glue pot Feb 2006, a fine traditional pub with a country feel in the heart of west croydon, thats how I enjoyed this fine pub, and lout_from_the _lane, also zip and barb all these viewers knew the pub as I did, what has happened why we have to lose all our good local pubs I dont know...who else feels like this please comment , this deserves no rating at all

11 Jan 2010 17:22

The Princess Royal, Croydon

Just read all the reviews which has saddened me, it seems after the last landlady I think her name was Janice, she built back up the glue pot, after another failure of a young temporary landlady, when Janice was there her and staff made us welcolme like home from home, good wholesom cooked food, cosy, comforting, good choice of real ales good tasting clean beer, and really comfortable, and from what my friends who have been there as of late, hardly any food, the place is dirty, and we would not eat there if the kitchen is the state it is descibed, and a dog runs about the place and it smells of dog urine and dog hairs all over the place, why does this have to happen has this real ale pub finished, its a damn shame....we wont be going there again there was 22 of us in all, but will not use the glue pot..what has happened to the good old pub dont punch taverns care

11 Jan 2010 16:28

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