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The Warren, Hounslow

I used to take the familly here in the afternoon during the summer months in the 90's. It had a nice vibe at that time of the day. Also used to go there to watch Big football games. Another pub I am afraid that is a victim of the smoking ban and high priced beer. Such a bloody shame that these places close and are lost forever.

24 Mar 2013 20:20

The White Hart, Whitton

Excellent pub Garden to take the kids to on a summers afternnon, thank goodness some decent pubs still survive in the area.

24 Mar 2013 19:57

The South Western, Whitton

Another pub that back in the 1980's was a lovely friendly place to drink. I used to take my study work there in the evening when I was quaifying in my mid twenties and it used to be a really calm place to drink.
Whitton Dene was a place that people aspired to live believe-it-or-not and the pub was always well frquented by decent artisans and proffessional people.
The area has changed now and as such this has become another pub that has died away...So very sad that Pubs cannot make a decent go of it and are closing at the rate of 5 per week across the UK.

24 Mar 2013 19:54

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