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I'm a shy ginger nerd who likes a sing song along to some good old fashioned golden oldies.

Username: GingerLiz

Age: 45

Sex: female

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The One Bell, Watford

I've often walked past The One Bell while in town and thought how lovely and quaint it looked, but was always either in a rush to be somewhere else, not looking for a drink, or (yes if I'm brutally honest a little intimidated from the often loud raucous sounds of merriment emanating from inside).

Yesterday afternoon I happened to be in town and was ridiculously early for dinner with a group of friends later that evening, so I decided to pop in and see what it was like. I was really delighted to find how welcoming, traditional and friendly an example of a good old fashioned British pub this turned out to be. The interior is nice and snug, right out your imagination from reading some turn of the century novel, and other customers (if this afternoon and evening were anything to go by) were as good and as friendlier a bunch as you could ever wish to meet, right down to the gorgeous dog laying down and happily resting in the corner.

Bar staff are friendly and nice, and everyone seems to know one another as you might expect in a small town pub of this kind. There's an excellent up to date juke box with constant well picked tunes playing, frequently classics and golden oldies, but a good mix.

I think I've found my new little hidey-hole for those cold winter evenings when a little cheer is in order.

This is a lovely pub. :-)

5 Dec 2013 11:00

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