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The Three Fishes, Sunbury on Thames

The Three Fishes is a very old Tudor pub located in Sunbury-Upon-Thames, near Hampton Court, Middlesex. I am sad to post a comment about this one delightful inn, as The Three Fishes used to be my long time local pub, that had a very pleasent atmosphere, (especially on a Sunday afternoon when a group of Irish gentalmen would have a triditional sing song that I used partake in) but it has been taken over by a couple of mediterranean foreigners with a lack of understanding!

The Three Fishes have employed a female bar staff member, which I hate to have to say has petty intellectual impedance, and as a result is not able to understand peoples request. When a requests has been gotten wrong and asked to correct, she can become very insecure and abrasive.

This unfortunatly happened to me. After her getting my request for the order of a pint of 50/50 larger lemonade shandy wrong (recieving ratio 3/4 lemonade, 1/4 Larger), she demanded payment of the 50/50 ratio. I offered to do so on recieving it. I was looked at with horror and fear and she shouted to the licensee that I was not going to be paying for my drink. Influenceing the licensee to believe I was not going to be doing so, he became very unpleasant applying his nose to mine very threatengly and tell me to get out of the pub! Unfortunately, I've been told never to return!

If you are intending to vist The Three Fishes I strongly suggest that your english is very clear and that you double check that requested orders are understood.

28 May 2012 17:04

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