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Fisherman's Rest, Belper

I live a few miles from this pub, in Matlock. I heard it had been taken over last year and called in. This week was my third visit to The Fisherman's Rest in Belper. The choice of ales was good on my first visit but disappointing this time. The same affable barman assured me that this was a temporary hitch with orders but that full-service would be resumed a.s.a.p.
The food however has also lost something. First time it was very tasty and obviously had a lot of care taken with it......this time my food was bland. Lacked seasoning in cooking. The fresh peas tasted pickled and the fresh fish tasted like water. My partner was also not impressed with the chicken dish. The sauce was SO salty. We got the impression that half a dozen different people prepared it. Good pub-grub but definitely not restaurant quality and it wasn't quite pub-grub prices. The new owners of this place don't know whether it's a pub or a bistro.
All in all, if it wasn't for the ale.....I might skip it next time.
Good Points - the service staff are very welcoming and the barman is attentive and knows his ales....which is why I go to a pub, after all.

3 Aug 2010 17:37


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