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Username: Flanag1

Age: 75

Sex: ?

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The James Young, Bathgate

Very busy place and the "Bangour tables" getting louder all the time. It must be a meeting point for alcoholics as I've never seen anyone with a soft drink! There appears to be a new addition to this place, a guy who laughs all the time. Methinks his previous job was in that wee glass container as you enter the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. Good happy place now and the food certainly has improved.

9 Oct 2012 11:25

The James Young, Bathgate

Returned again to this "end of eternity, as we know it!). Never the same glass twice, good service though, eventually! Bar staff brilliant, crisps still poor and the Old Bangour tables "bursting at the seams" and I mean trousers!!
New additions as to previously mentioned:
Jumbo Joe, Davy Pudding, Benny the Pointer, not painter, Graeme with the shiny teeth??, Chris Bacon puss and Big Jock Knew, to mention a few!
Gives one something to learn and avoid for the future, God save the Children in this hovel!

6 May 2012 08:24

The James Young, Bathgate

Returned again to this hovel and was amazed to see a lady?? called Karen apparently, getting plied with wine as fatter Frank(enstein) was chatting her up, amongst others! The only place for people like these should be confined to a brothel as there are woman & kids around them, however, the bar staff leave a lot to be desired as they allow this to go on. I thought begging was illegal (bar staff don't understand by all appearances) untiI I saw a ragamuffin by the name of Flanagan praying for a free pint from the fat table. Appears that this wee freeloading pensioner has no shame and doesn't realise what he is doing IS illegal. As far as the lack of service is concerned, I'm amazed that the tills are kept busy and the duty female managers rear ends are getting bigger. Good packet of crisps though! This is the place to come if you like dodgy dealings, gambling, poor service, rubbish beer, and constant utterings of nonsense all day long and the odd intelligent conversation regarding the "motherboard" whatever that may be??

24 Feb 2012 15:26

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