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The Anchor Inn, Guisborough

The Anchor is a great little pub. When you mention "Sam Smith's" to people, they usually shudder in horror. I've never understood why, because my knowledge of Sam Smith's comes from the Anchor, and it's a great pub. It consists of two tiny rooms both smaller than my living room - one of which contains the bar (around 1.45 for a bitter nowadays!). There is a dartboard in an area (can't call it a room) so small, only 3/4 people can fit in. The yard that separates the toilets from the pub has a glass roof over it turning it into a kind of conservatory that is full of character. The Anchor offers no entertainment - but it doesn't need to as it's perfect at what it does.

29 Jul 2010 17:26

The Tap and Spile, Guisborough

Used to be the best pub in Guisborough - but nowadays you're lucky if you get a pint you can finish to the bottom. Most of the character has been stripped out of the pub due to the recent refurbishments (you now need sunglasses to enter it's so bright). The band nights on Wednesday are still good (though unfortunately no longer advertised in the Link) - however, Saturday nights are now terrible - a DJ playing appalling tunes at high volume from around 10:30 - 2:00. I think due to the recent closure of other pubs the Tap is trying to become the "late night venue" of Guisborough, but in doing so has turned its back on what made it a great pub in the not too distant past.

The Anchor is now the best pub in Guisborough.

29 Jul 2010 17:21

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