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Username: ErnieL

Age: 61

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The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

Have used the Crown for many years, infrequently.

It has been done up and it has a much better layout .

Went in today, it was full of screaming and screeching rowdy children, and when l say children l mean from babies in prams to kids in tutus and their school uniforms, the oldest child was about 8.

If it had been during a lunchtime at the weekend or even about 4pm, then ok, but at 6.30 at night was just ridiculous !!!!!

I can see that they want the ' family market ' but a Friday evening for a quiet drink is not what you are going to get there.

I am honestly astonished, The Crown gas always been a nice pub but l can say l will check how many prams and screaming kids are in there before l go in there again ( having said that you can probably just stand outside and listen to the screams ).

26 Feb 2016 20:47

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