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The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

Again a good choice of beers in excellent condition.

Still a bit on the warm side especially on the sunshiny days you would like this least, so unlike to local competition pipes are not getting cooled yet.

Food returned to form, best pizzas in Aylesbury!

a big Cheers

1 Aug 2011 07:07

The Bootlegger, High Wycombe

Pleasant surprise!
Good choice of 4 ales on pump and 3 on gravity, plus about 300+ cooled on bottle. Think I have to jump of the train in HW more often.

25 Jun 2011 23:40

Rockwoods, Aylesbury

Strayed in there a while ago on the advice of a local CAMRA member and was pleasantly surprised.

Today they had Castle Rock Harvest Pale ale and Sharps Doombar both in excellent condition. This seems exemplary for their choice of ales, a lighter one and a more amber-ish one, and a lower alcohol and a medium alcohol one, nothing too extreme, always established ales, so no silly unbalanced experiments here.
In short, perfect if you are in a more 'conservative' mood and just want pure quality without surprises.

Also one of a few pubs that I am aware of that serve a 'dry' pint by design and not by accident. Dry on the outside that is
Strange that others still expect me to put on an overall before drinking an overflowing pint, or risk soiling my white shirts
The only other pub that I am aware of standard serving a clean dry pint is the Farmers' Bar, though they occasionally need some tissue for the same result.

And of course squeaky clean glasses, leaving a nice lace pattern after every sip.

This is one of the pubs I'll miss when going back to the Northern lands where they serve the real 'real ale'.
A shame Doombar isn't originating from my home too (probably a Northern defector stuck among the Celts; may need to organise a rescue mission one day)



21 Jun 2011 20:38

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