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Username: Endron

Age: 47

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Belgian Bar, Altrincham

Good bar but terrible service. I have no idea why they offer table service if they can't provide it efficiently. I went for a special occasion and we had to book in advance.

The first round was fine but at this time they were quieter. When the second round came two of the drinks were missing with no explanation so we presumed they would follow. The drinks in question did not turn up, eventually somone came to ask us if we needed more drinks and we explained that they had not completed the round. There was no applolgy just a blank look. When the third person approached us they said that the beer in question wasn't on that night so we ordered a much more expensive alternative and waited .... and waited. Some freinds then came to join us and also ordered some drinks. We waited a further 20 minutes to still not have drinks, by this time we were all extremely sober and not very happy. We decided to leave due to the terrible service. We complained at the bar to receive yet aother blank look from another member of staff and no apology.

Dont think we'll be venturing there again and will be letting all of my friends know, hence the post here.

8 Feb 2008 21:01

The Robin Hood, Stretford

Not bad for Stretford (there's not much else there) but steer clear of the cheap burgers, you'd be better off eating at Wetherspoons!

9 Aug 2007 18:07

The Friendship Inn, Fallowfield

The Friendship is pretty cool, lots of space & friendly faces. They have good live music on there on Sunday nights too, well worth a visit & less dodgy than most other places nearby.

9 Aug 2007 18:02

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