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The Slug and Lettuce, Waterloo

I went here for the actually very nice 2-for-1 cocktails... only to find that every single empty table- and there were many- had a "RESERVED" sign on it. We got told off for sitting at one and moved to another where we hoped the manager wouldn't spot us before finishing our drinks and leaving, with all of these tables still empty. I gather there was a comedy night on later that evening but the owners seemed to have overestimated the turnout and the barman didn't warn us that we wouldn't be able to sit down before mixing our drinks and taking our money. We drank up and left for The Mulberry Bush and it looked like a lot of other people were getting fed up of standing by the bar and drinking up very quickly.

Other than that the service was friendly and the cocktails were great for the price- the gin mojito especially. Other than that it's exactly what you'd expect- a standard chain pub where people go for the cheap drinks rather than the atmosphere. I'd go again but I'd make sure there was somewhere to sit before ordering.

10 Aug 2011 20:53

The Island Queen, Islington

I usually take negative reviews with a pinch of salt and assume they get posted by disgruntled punters in their petty attempts to trash a pub's reputation, so after reading the reviews below I visited this pub to ask about hiring their beautiful function room in the hope that they would be proved wrong... sadly everything I'd read turned out to be true! The surly staff made me feel most unwelcome, and leaving with a massive list of conditions for hire of the room, having been told that the only food available for parties was their "Vegetarian Platter"(!), I decided I'd rather go to a nice restaurant where my guests could order whatever food and drink they liked.

On the plus side it *is* a really beautiful pub and the function room is a bit special, so much so that I was prepared to make a few comprimises- just not a list as long as my arm. I got the impression that the pub's owners are relying on the pub's admittedly splendid interior a little too much, but when it seems to be pulling in the punters who can blame them? With this pub being a little off the beaten track it would need more than good decord to tempt me back for a second visit.

10 Aug 2011 20:28

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