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The Butchers Arms, Herne

Can't get enough of this place...always something delicious that's NOT up on the board so ask for what else there is. ESB this week! There's a rumour there's the odd bottle of proper cider too. Thin end of the wedge if you ask me. Reassuringly sane pub.

28 Nov 2012 14:56

The Butchers Arms, Herne

It depends what you want from a pub doesn't it? No TV, radio or music but lots of chat about sport, news and just about anything else. A wide range of superb beers properly kept and served in jugs too if you wish. No lager, no bottled beer and no fake heartiness. A mobile phone is nailed to a shelf to remind you to turn yours off and so long as you don't trip over a customer's dog, the worse thing that can happen to you here is developing a compulsion to come back -for the beer, the friendly but sharp banter and Kevin's pickles. The cheese and Mrs Miggins pies are pretty good too when you can get them. This tiny oasis of calm does what it does very well indeed. You can enjoy great beer and find yourself drawn into good conversation. You might even wind up on a brewery trip or find someone to fix your chimney. A proper local that's been imitated oop north as well as on the Kent coast. Because it's such a great pub, it attracts customers from far and wide. They always have a story to tell and before long you can really feel at home. Surprisingly so. And if you live too far away, well then, if you like the Butchers, you'll have to start your own. Ask Martyn, it's not as hard as you think. Check his website for opening times. Google Micro-pub, for that is what it is.

24 May 2012 18:36

The Prince Edward, Holloway

Love it. A pub that's kept it's style and continues to do well. I used to live next door and the reviewers are talking about the smae kind of pub that it was thirty years ago. Whenever I go back it feels like home. Decent beer. A friendly smile and a perpetual feeling of lazy Sunday afternoons. Excellent corner pub.

24 May 2012 18:14

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