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Username: Doddyman

Age: 45

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The Fox And Hounds, Surbiton

I have just met a friend of mine for a quick beer and a game of pool at the fox and hounds and I cannot believe the treatment we have received! I ordered 2 pints of beer and was not met with a hello, please or thank you from the land lord at all. He was cold and very unwelcoming. The reason my friend and I went to the fox and hounds was because they have a pool table and we wanted a game of pool. After we had begun our second game of pool the landlord decided to come and speak wi us. He told us that the last time we had been in the pub (some 4 to 5 months previous) someone had been doing cocaine in the toilets and he had been watching us!!!!!!!! I am a professional hard worker who is a company director and shareholder of a company I am not some skallywag who partakes in the use of drugs in an unwelcoming and unfriendly pub. While I apploar the use of zero tolerance policy on drug taking I felt that the landlord was accusing us of taking drugs on his property. He was rude and ignorant and had no tact at all in discussing a taboo subject. All over the pub there is CCTV cameras and signs stating the management reserve the right to refuse entry, children are only permitted at the discretion of the land lord and must vacate the premises by 8:30pm. The signs and notices are aggressive and unwelcoming. I would not recommend anyone to go to this pub while under the current management of this landlord when there are far superior and friendlier establishments very locally. I will never step foot in this pub again as I am seething with anger at the treatment I have received from the landlord .

5 Jun 2012 19:39

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