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Username: DaveMere

Age: 48

Sex: male

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The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

The Ram's alright. The beer garden is pretty good in the summer, and the food is palatable. My mate reckons it stinks of piss. I can't really see where he's coming from myself, although the toilets are small, and lead directly into the main body of the pub, so maybe he caught a waft sometime. He is a bullshitter of course, but then again I can't see what he'd have to gain by making up stories about pissy pubs. I guess I have to believe him.

At the current time, it's being ripped out, so we'll see what they do with it after that...perhaps the stench of piss will be gone. Perhaps it will be stronger - perhaps much stronger. We can only wait and see.

9 Mar 2010 17:59

Corkys Wine Bar, Surbiton

Corkys is a grim, joyless place. Most of the locals can count their yellow teeth on one hand. It's unpleasant even to walk past. It reeks of stale beer and despair.

There is no reason to ever go there.

14 Jan 2010 14:55

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

Good beer, good pub food, plus a beer garden. Also a late licence - I've rolled in there many a time after 11pm with no problem at all, and never seen a scrap of trouble. The bouncers are great; really polite fellas. And there's some pretty hot barmaids as well. Yeah, this is one of Kingston's better pubs I think

12 Jun 2009 02:04

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