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The Abbey, Kentish Town

Amendment to review below - I was in last night and received sterling service from Gerald (I think). The other people on the bar were as hopeless as ever though.

29 May 2008 16:26

The Abbey, Kentish Town

Another identikit bar that ticks all the boxes: exposed brickwork? Check. Large, ornate mirror? Check. Overpriced food? Check. All trace of interior history and character excised? Check. What really sets this place apart from the many, many others, however, is the service. It is monumentally, astoundingly and breathtakingly bad. It is so bad, I seriously wonder whether or not they are doing it on purpose. Surely nobody (and it isn't just one of them, it's all of them) could really be that incompetent? I have been here a few times (heaven only knows why) over the past couple of years, and occasionally pop back thinking that the rubbish and attitude filled bar staff must have changed by now. And indeed they have. Every time I return, they seem to have gotten worse.
Quite a pleasant atmosphere and a decent garden - is that enough to balance up the down sides? I don't think so.

27 May 2008 17:20

The 3 Lions, Camden

Now called the 3 Lions (so that's Irish and English covered in the last year - look out for name changes to the Leek and Daffodil and the Robbie Burns in the near future). Strange pub, not quite as bad as it first looks. Very odd mixture of customers, but friendly enough. Many better pubs nearby though.

22 May 2008 15:32

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