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Username: Dandillus

Age: 51

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The Cornubia, Bristol

Whilst there is a nice beer selection and the two we tried were in good nick, what the hell is going on with with all the Union Jacks, St George flags etc etc. There are flags surrounding the garden, the bar, in fact everywhere you look, and even union jack cushions for Christ's sake! Don't sit down if you are not English? This isn't patriotism, more like an unpleasant taste of nationalism, perhaps the like of which you might expect to see in a back street boozer in St George, felt like walking into a BNP convention on a Saturday afternoon. My partner, who is not British, felt most unwelcome and uncomfortable. And the awful overly loud (for 2pm on a Saturday) piped into the garden music, complete with words such as "fucking" this and "fucking" that, did not add to the experience, notwithstanding the fact that we were sat in the garden with our 5 year old daughter. Will not be back to this horrible nasty inclusive little Englander hangout.....used to be a lovely pub too.

19 Jul 2015 09:58

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

I agree with previous post and well done LukeD for spotting the grudgebearer. I have always had excellent beer and service here, and thought the post by Nova7 a bit odd, but didn;t realise he left another negative one for Arbor's other pub, the Old Stillage. Nova7 obviously has an axe to grind and, message to other punters, don't let this put you off a visit to this pub. You could also walk up the road to visit the Bag O Nails too, but don't be too drunk when you get there (hey, LukeD, only kidding!)

12 Apr 2013 20:18

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

What happened to the 'customer always being right' ?!

28 Feb 2013 20:04

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