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The Kings Arms, Woolwich

What can be said about The Kings Arms Pub in a sentence without it ending in “Eurgh”! This watering hole has a sad history, seeing as it was one of the pubs that was targeted by the IRA in the 1970’s notorious Woolwich and Guildford pub bombing, due to it proximity to Woolwich Barracks. Sorry to say that the subsequent years have been even more cruel. On entering the first thing that hits you is the noise. Did I say music? No, I said “Noise”. Situated near enough in the middle of the floor is a huge sound system that is same as you’ll find on the back a Notting Hill Carnival float. I’m really not kidding. Also the ‘No Smoking’ law apparently does not apply here. I was not in favor of the smoking ban in pubs but hat what the law says but apparently not to the baseball capped and string vested barman who smokes cigarettes quite freely behind the bar. The interior is grubby with two dozen feral street rats running freely around the bar with pool ques. Might I seek refuge in ‘The Garden’? Highly unlikely. The outside area which is now and inside area has been made so by constructing several old wooden doors around the exterior to construct a wall, covered with a sheet of plastic tarpaulin. The ‘garden furniture’ is a mish-mash of what you’d find in a piss-poor charity shop and what ever left garden furniture could be salvaged from a skip. The beer is dear, the glasses dirty and over all it’s quite frankly a dump. This pub is located within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, a borough that has seen many historical pubs close without the Councils consent, Tsk Tsk, yet this abomination is allowed to function. If it were a dog you’d have it put to sleep, if it were a person you’d pay half o’ penny to see it in a Victorian Freak Show. In all, I’d say avoid it like the plague as that is probably what you might catch there.

14 Jul 2014 17:07

The Globe, London Bridge

The Globe, On the good side its located within the famous & historical Borough Market SE1. Close to London Bridge, Southark Cathedral, HMS Belfast, the Olde Clink Prison, a near size replica of The Golden Hinde in dock, not to mention that is close to some other very nice pubs so a crawl along the river Thames taking in the Millennium Bridge and The Tate Modern, which the view is great from, is a must. The whole of this area is rapidly becoming gentrified as a result many pubs are becoming increasingly generic. Fortunately The Globe has be saved from this for now at least.
The pub its self is covered partially by a viaduct running in to London Bridge Station, this provides rain cover for those who wish to smoke outside but can be a bit of a shame when its sunny. Inside is very nice as it’s rarely had a redec since the day it opened, the mats and seats are very well worn and the dart board has seen better days. Nice and cosy inside if you can find a place to sit. Its reasonably priced for the area and mid week they have a DJ playing Old Skool Northern Soul on original 7” vinyl. A standard selection of drinks, I haven’t tried the bitters or ales but I've heard no complaints. Bar service does tend to be a bit haphazard depending on who serves you but over all, its OK. Here comes my major Rant. The Gent’s toilets are a bloody disgrace. The door frame on the cubicle is a falling apart as every lock has been busted off and every time you flush - the floor floods…really. Nice pub, just don’t go to the loo.

3 Jul 2014 09:37

The Albert, Primrose Hill

I've been to this place a couple of times now and on both occasions I spent the majority of the time in the Garden which I have to say is very nice. Kept reasonably well but be careful if you coming down the steps with a tray of drinks. I didn't experience the bitters & ales there only the lager but this nice tucked away side street pub in Primrose Hill seems a nice enough place to take the friends and family for a Sunday drink, they even allow you to take your dog in which I think more pubs should do, Woof Woof.

2 Jul 2014 13:11

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