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Username: Cidermaster

Age: 45

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The Plough and Horses, Cove

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, bitter old men? 30 isn't all that old I dont think, is it? Nasty rumours and blatant lies? Everything I have written is the full truth as witnessed by my own eyes, and as for being jealous, I must really stop you there.

You're ability to utilise adaptive camoflage is admirable as I've never seen you or anyone else for that matter in the Plough and apparently enjoying the 'lively discos' or 'open shite' nights, other than the staff themselves. Oh, hang on, it all becomes clear. I'm all for increasing revenue, and breathing life back into what was once a lively pub (I'm only going back 5 years, not 25), but this is not the right setting for what the landlord is trying to achieve. When the cash cows of myself and assembled friends visit a pub you can guarentee a good ammount of cash per person over the bar, by shutting early and forcing us elsewhere it's not just our bodies that leave, it's our custom also. Thats not good business sense.

There's no denying that the landlord is a hard worker, when he strolls back in the pub after spending much of his drinking time down the Courthouse, only to promptly call lasts as he wants to get upstairs with his McChina Wok-Away and the pretty waitress, you know he's had a tough day. I feel sorry for poor mugs like me that are up at 6, do a full days work and just want the opportunity to drink until midnight in a nice atmosphere, not with a slavering mutt relieving itself up the side of the fruity whilst some toothless crone bangs your ankles with her hoover.

So, I dont go to the pub every day, but I do get the opportunity to visit many other pubs now, and I'm in them a damn sight more often than I'd be in the plough in the near future.

Oh, and there's an incredible invention called a spellchecker, you 'young folk' are supposed to know how to use them....

13 Nov 2009 18:15

The Plough and Horses, Cove

I used to write on B.I.T.E reasonably regularly, adding my two penneth where and when I felt it necessary. But in recent years I have been living away from Farnborough, where there are actually some decent pubs. Sadly a change of circumstance has led me back to 'the farn' and thus my once vibrant, fun, friendly local. I say once because the plough is truly in shocking decline. Gone are the days of the bar being 4 deep on Friday and Saturday nights with people out for a good time and drinking in a good atmosphere. Now the place is most likely empty on either of those nights, or if there are people in they are the chavvy scum mates of one of the bar staff. Last night for example the bar shut early, there was no warning to those patrons who dont live in locals corner and when this was raised with the bar staff it was not greeted with an apology or a smile, just some terse words and a frank rebuttal. I wouldn't have minded but the bar staff in question was, until a couple of weeks ago at least, charged with getting everyone out of the pub early on a Sunday by hoovering at them and closing off the toilets with fully 90 minutes of opening hours still on the clock.

The much vaunted regeneration of the Farnborough town centre may just prove the undoing of this once fine pub. The promise of over priced, warm, flat characterless drinking in chain gastropubs is surely more appealing than another night of watching your memories get shot down in flames by a maxi-muscle swilling, beer bellied, ex member of her majestys forces' attempts to bring a little Guy Ritchie to northern Hampshire.

Dont get me started on the racist scum that appears to make up one eleventh of the football team either. I cant wait to move away again.

28 Sep 2009 18:01

The Plough and Horses, Cove

Sorry consumer1, I was a bit pissed, I was after all in a pub.

14 Aug 2007 16:12

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