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The Rising Sun, Manchester

I would like to reply to the previous review. I have worked in The Rising Sun for almost two years and was unlucky enough to witness the behaviour of this reviewer and his three companions that evening. If as you claimed, you are in fact a National Co-ordinator for CAMRA (which I doubt!), you will be aware of the laws concerning last orders. As I said at the time, I'm very sorry that you "didn't hear" the landlord shout last orders, but it seems everyone else in the pub did, and managed to get their last drinks in. Between you and the other "gentleman" in your party, you were rude to me and my colleague, you were aggressive towards the landlord and one of you slammed your empty glass on the bar while the other poured the remainder of his beer all over the bar.
As for when your lady friend woke from the little snooze she was having at the end of the bar and demanded I give her a taxi number, I believe I stated several times the location of two taxi ranks within a minute's walk and also told her that there was a local taxi firm number located on the ashtray outside the building. Again, this was met with rudeness and aggression, which is when the landlord stepped in and saw you and your friends off the premises.
As somebody who has worked in the hospitality and customer service industry for 13 years it never ceases to amaze me that there are still a sorry few out there who think it is their right to treat staff members with contempt and assume that they, as customers, are due special treatment. You are not above the law and I am not obliged to serve you after hours, it would also be illegal for me to do so. Running a pub is a tough job, as is working behind the bar, and people who behave as you did make it all the harder for us to do our jobs. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You said that you wouldn't drink here again while the current landlord remains- that wont be a problem. My employer only allows customers in who treat us with the respect and manners that we all deserve.
In closing, The Rising Sun is the best pub I have ever worked in- the landlord is a good man who values his staff, the pub is well kept, clean and a very pleasant place to be and, as we all know, good beer and service speaks for itself!

24 Sep 2014 20:17

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