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Username: Chesterman

Age: 77

Sex: ?

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The Pump and Truncheon, Blackpool

Was on my annual trip to Blackpool yesterday and looking forward to another good pint of real ale.....
but the place was closed and boarded up.
What has happened?..... a huge disappointment....
Will it re-open?
Are there any recommended alternatives near-by?

19 Aug 2007 13:55

The Square Bottle, Chester

It's a shame,but I agree with everything said above, when you queue? - get jostled - for 10 mins waiting for a pint,with the correct money ready,then it is sloshed up,banged down,fully short measure and the server promptly disappears down the bar it gets you fuming.Why can't this one be like all the other Spoons? Can't blame the staff,they are desperately over-worked.Can only blame the managers who don't seem to want us not-so-young ale drinkers.I still pop in though at quiet times if they manage to get a decent guest beer that isn't over 4.5%
This can and should be a much better pub to visit.

4 Sep 2006 21:41

The Mill Hotel, Chester

I think that the 3 big screen TV's now spoil it,by all means have them on for something important - but not all the time. I go out to get away from the telly, but these things are always hitting me in the eye with Sky rubbish. Yes the beer is good and there is a great selection so I still go there.

4 Sep 2006 19:33

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