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Username: Cantstandelvis

Age: 71

Sex: male

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The King and Queen, Caterham

Well the answer is yes on the food front but has to be said is pretty basic and not cheap. The pub seems to have changed a litte now and not so many of the old faces seem to be around and thats a shame, however i`m told the new Manager`s partner is no longer a bar fly stumbling around bumping into people in there so much since he got an outside job. Or maybe he is just out a lot looking for a personality who knows! Anyway there are more complaints about the beer than there used to be but then the Manager seems to be the wrong side of the bar to notice. There has been live music and themed events of late to try to generate business but in my experience they are no substitute for keeping the regulars happy. This pub is still the best of of a poor bunch though.

16 Nov 2009 10:29

The King and Queen, Caterham

This has been the best pub in Caterham for years and still is, having said that i have to say the rest are very poor and rough indeed. Recent new management and the pub seems to be in good hands, much cleaner and better staffed at busy times than it used to be. The staff and locals are friendly and the Fullers beer well kept. This is not a youngsters pub but is all the better for it having no juke box or pool table. There is a well used dart board in a side room with its own serving hatch off the main bar. Its an old pub with open fires and lots of history. Not the cheapest pub in the area but easily the best.

13 Mar 2009 09:03

The Clifton Arms, Caterham

I understand this pub is closing soon and the odd couple that run it are said to be taking another pub in the area. I have used this pub for years and it used to be one of the best pubs in the area but sadly as stated before a lot of people barred on the whim of the owners for anything from questioning the quality of the beer or food to having dirty footware etc. Every pub has its loudmouths and big heads i suppose but in this pub they get to stay while normal punters ejected, maybe they are related! The landlady is nice enough when she is sober and the beer and food ok and not a rough house like some not far away so to sum up nice pub but could be so much better.

13 Mar 2009 08:06

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