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I love nothing more than taking the wife and myself out on long journeys to find new and exciting pubs. Maybe I need to get a life......

Username: Cakenhoff

Age: 43

Sex: male

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The Blacksmiths Arms, Cudham

Chipps, if you look at the comment below yours, you will see that some wanker has nicked my username, (three f's at the end). With that said, I can see that i've obviously hit a nerve with your locals and as such, i apologize if i have offended anyone. It was just my experience. You'll be glad to know i've manned up immensely and last night ordered a VODKA with my Martini. Hardcore or what!? Thanks for naming the piss up after me but I still won't be coming. Peace.

10 Oct 2013 20:58

The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway

Dear Benton, I have noticed you following my reviews and ridiculing them like a rascal. Maybe you are jealous of my good looks or my beautiful wife, but any further attempts to poo poo my opinions will result in me drawing my sword and slaying you in cold blood, leaving me free to steal your wife and son and hold them captive in a cage in a field somewhere for my viewing pleasure. All kind regards and best wishes, Cakenhoff.

1 Oct 2013 18:08

Rising Sun, Twitton

becked, you are correct, and my apologies to The Rising Sun in Twitton. My other review is indeed for the one in Kemsing, on Cotmans Ash Lane. Who knew there were two Rising Suns so close to each other? Obviously not me.........!

1 Oct 2013 17:36

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