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Username: Butcher

Age: 60

Sex: ?

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Reflex, London

What a crazeee place! Like walking on to the set of a whacky kids TV programme! Multicolour lighting above AND below you! 80s music galore! A balcony to watch the mayhem from a safe distance before you decide to join in. But you really have to be in the mood to let yourself go. Staff do dance routines! By the look on their faces they are either mortified about this or calmly resigned to their duty. Can’t believe this place isn’t more well known though and I would love to meet the person whose ‘concept’ it was. So get on down there and ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’!

24 Mar 2006 18:16

Abacus, Bank

You have to enjoy Abacus for what it is. Yes all the guys probably buy their pink shirts and shiny fat ties in TM Lewin and the ladies probably live in the Tanning Salon chasing that perfect orange glow and when crowded the place buzzes with hormones and desperation. But that gives it an atmosphere you won’t find in any other square mile venue. It’s the contrast of the city boys to the hard lads and the secretarys to Sharons all competing with each other that gives it the edge that makes it so compelling. Everyone is looking and wants to be seen. Shallow but so what! Music and sound system could be vastly improved though. Worth one visit in your life but door policy seems fairly strict. Three guys in front of me in the queue got politely refused cos they were’nt wearing ties but maybe it was just doormans discretion.

28 Feb 2005 17:07

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