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The William Harvey Inn, Willesborough

Has vastly improved. Still only one real ale (London Pride) but is good quality. Manager and bar staff very friendly. I have been there several times and never encountered the problems that the other two commenters have.

Good pub. I would recommend it.

ps. I do live nearby and have never had any problems from there.

13 Oct 2011 15:10

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

I agree with Fritz. The new manager has vastly improved things. I have posted several times about the slowness of service but that has now changed.

The service is now as quick as you could reasonably expect for a busy pub with the staff usually eager to serve (even the laziest one appears to have pulled her socks up slightly) and I believe that the majority of this is down to Mark.

There are also a couple of new duty managers, Agnes and Kevin, who appear to be cracking the whip and keeping the others in control.

I no longer expect 15 minute waits like I used to (but if I get nostalgic I can go across the road to the Silver Cross where you are almost guaranteed to only get served once every hour and charged 50% more for the priviledge)

28 Sep 2009 11:51

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

They now do chips.

They have been doing chips for about a month now.
This backfired on them on the second/third day when a coach load of tourists ordered 47 portions of fish and chips and couldn't understand why it might take some time to complete their order.

But they do chips. I've never been so excited. They do chips. WOOHOO

23 Jun 2009 16:12

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