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I may be young in years but have worked in and around the industry all my life (alcoholic parents for you). Even so i like a good pub and its not any one thing that makes it that way you have to believe each place ahs its merits and then scrutinise them until you can find any way of turning it to your own agenda (oh no thats politics). Anyway as i was saying i like a good pub and hope to share my opinions with you whether you listen or not is upto you!

Username: BoboW14

Age: 40

Sex: male

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The Globe, Standish

Usually a bad atmosphere in this pub. Have been many times as this is where i grew up but unless you stand by the ridiculously strict rules ("if i see your mobile i'll take it away!") you might aswell not bother. On the other hand can be quite nice for a quiet pint and read of the paper.

14 Sep 2005 13:48

The Albion, West Kensington

This is a friendly bar, locals are a bit overbaring and depressing but beside taht it has a lot to offer. Staff very friendly not the drunken house of debauchery i was expecting!

13 Sep 2005 12:26

3 One 7, Hampstead

Any negative comment is just a lie!! Its a fantastic venue that offers all you could ever hope or dream of (if you dream of living in a trailer) expect to find the biggest chips on peoples shoulders you could ever imagine!!

13 Sep 2005 12:24

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