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Age: 65

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The Three Hammers, Mill Hill

My wife and I arrived at this establishment just before 8.00pm. Our first impression was of a pub in last death throes with most of the customers looking like corpses slumped in their worn out armchairs. Still, having enjoyed a good brisk walk we thought we deserved a drink. The bar had about eight customers waiting to be served by two young guys. They were slow. Having made eye contact with the bartender at the pumps where I was waiting I made the assumption that I would be served next. At this point, two men walked in and the barman walked the entire length of the bar to serve them. I thought this was extremely rude as he served their drinks and chatted to them. The other barman finally seeing me served me with a pint and a tea for my wife. The tea arrived quickly and he was very polite. Before we sat down, we had a wander through the pub to see the best place to sit and saw one of the alcoves closed with a red rope barrier due to a leak from the toilets above. The fluid which looked like a bad sample at a urologist was foul smelling, perhaps “eggy” (my wife’s words) and worst of all being caught in two plastic jugs which I assume would normally be used for Pimms or jugs of beer on a scorching day. I could not believe this as it flies in the face of all health and safety regulations. Anyway, moving to the other side of the pub we sat and enjoyed our drinks. A while later I went up to the bar and ordered a pint and a glass of prosecco I was told that they only sold prosecco by the bottle. This was weird as I have never been to a pub that does not sell it by the glass and trust I have been to many. I told the barman to hold the order and I would take instructions from my boss. She decided that she did not want anything and we would go. The barman appeared and said he had poured the pint and… I told him that we did not want anything and he disappeared. Seconds later, the other barman, probably just old enough to serve alcohol appeared and started to go on about the pint that had been poured. Now having asked the other barman to hold on and not gone back for a substitute it was clear he had jumped the gun and poured my pint despite me not going back to the bar. After a brief exchange during which I reminded him how rude he was serving his mates and that the fact that due to there being no drink my wife wanted we were asked to leave,The pub is a social experience, people drink, talk socialise. If what you want is not available then you have the choice to move on. My first pint was a previously poured pint which I saw put on the side but was OK with. To be dealt with by an adolescent with no people skills and really not suited for the hospitality sector is laughable. I have since read reviews here and the glib replies from the pub, my reason for this review is for the benefit of others so they do not waste their time eating or drinking here.I will never set foot in this deplorable establishment again.

13 Aug 2017 21:14

The Pembroke Castle, Primrose Hill

Turned up in the evening and found a parking space right outside the pub. Suited us as we had just run the dogs in the park. Lots of people drinking outside, seemed ideal as we could stand outside and keep an eye on the dogs with the windows down. All fine and then after 10 mins a guy in a khaki shirt comes out and says no drinking outside.. No problem but no notices to say the same as at any other pub. Said OK and were getting dogs out of the car and this knob stands there with arms outstretched like some sheep dog while my wife and I got the dogs to take them into the garden. What the fuck is wrong with this man! We are in our 50's and journalists and surely not a real problem, but he stands there like the police have given him some special powers. Bit my tongue to be greeted with a garden tighter than an anchovie tin. Just drank up and left. Staff totally disinterested and very Camden with "server locking up" and several attempts to pay for drinks. You are welcome to this pub, waste of time. Staff just as up their arse as the "customers". Health and safety would require another exit in case of a fire than through the pub.

27 Jul 2013 00:15

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