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The Magpie, Bishopsgate

I like this City pub and pop in when I can. It's one of the better examples of a Nicholson pub and the manager is a fantastic bloke, the bar staff are also friendly and ultra efficient too. The choice of real ale is good and ever changing.

I've had two occasions when my enjoyment has been somewhat spoilt by the behaviour of rowdy tanked-up "Loadsamoney" types knocking into me and spilling my beer (and not even bothering to apologise) but they're still thankfully in the minority here on a Thursday or Friday night. I prefer to drink here earlier in the week when it's less rammed.

In the hot weather you can enjoy your beer with a bit more space outside in the street without anyone minding.

2 Jun 2013 16:03

The Crosse Keys, Bank

I'm afraid this particular branch of Spoons has gone downhill (Hamilton Hall much better). It's on my daily route to Liverpool Street so I often used to pop in for a pint or three. I visit only occasionally now. The pub itself is fantastic with lots of history and charm. Unfortunately the bar staff and management haven't got a clue.

The bar itself is a large oval with 24 pumps and you can walk all around it. There are usually 11 or more beers on at any one time (some of the pumps double up). They have a screen above each of side of the bar and at each end showing which beers are on but you cannot rely on this as they don't update it quickly enough. On one visit I walked around the entire OUTSIDE of the bar, which is in the middle of the pub, to see what was on the pumps only to be challenged by a surly manager who accused me of walking THROUGH the bar!

The bar staff have no idea how to work a long continuous bar such as this. Instead of patrolling a zone each they fall over each and only pay attention to the top end of the bar that faces the main entrance. Anyone else waiting around the sides or bottom end of the bar has to struggle to get served (and then only on the basis of "who's next?") If they stuck to their own bit of the bar they'd be able to manage the flow of customers much better and not every customer would try to get served at the top end - it's just a vicious circle.

On some visits the pumps have had sparklers on when I don't think they are necessary or appropriate to the beer in question. Now I've had this in other Spoons and they tell me that they have to go by the tasting notes on the back of the pump. Go to other Spoons and no sparklers yet same brewery and same beer. Cannot make sense of it. Anyway, more recently the sparklers seem to have gone - which is a good thing. When you can get served the beer is usually good if rather too chilled but I've had staff serve me a few pints of cloudy beer without batting an eye lid - this should never happen in a real ale pub and just says to me that there is a lack of basic training / understanding of the product they are selling.

Food here is good and waiting times not a problem usually.

2 Jun 2013 15:30

The Chequers Inn, Writtle

The pub itself has closed and the venue has re-opened as The Rare Cow, an upmarket steak restaurant I hear.

2 Jun 2013 14:57

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