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The Taps, Enfield

I hope that what I will mention here to all the public that have access to this website and more important to TAPS BAR, Pub in Enfield will be seriously considered.
I was deeply offended by the owner and staff from the Taps Bar in Enfield. I was dancing one Saturday night with few friends when we were asked to leave the pub. The worse thing was that we were asked to leave because couple of girl�s didn�t like us being there for some jealousy reasons. The girls reported to the manager that we smelled and having no ground at all to ask us to leave we were chucked out of the pub.

We felt sick, angry and demoralised but even more humiliated for their action and their behaviour towards us. Of course we went to the police station but there was nothing the police could do about it. Now, how ridicules can that be!. We were so disheartened and disgusted with the manager attitude that it took few days to get over it.

For Christ sake, it wasn�t about �smell� TAPS BAR on Saturday I full of people dancing, sweating, farting, sticky and smelly, it is a BAR for goodness sake! Everyone should be asked to leave if it is case. They are just NASTY there.

We will not return ever again to that place. If anyone has any suggestion to take this further, please don�t hesitate to leave your comment. It happened to us and I can guarantee you it will happen to you too.

29 Oct 2012 19:27

The Taps, Enfield

29 Oct 2012 19:24

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