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Three Frogs, Wokingham

Have been to this pub a few times now, and always had decent service, until the penultimate visit.

On this said visit, the pub was about 50% full. We decided to sit at a nice table with some 'seats' rather than chairs, however, this table hadn't been cleaned. It had been empty for at least 5-10 minutes (whilst we stood at the bar) and I quite expected by that time, for someone to have come out and cleaned up the disgusting mess left by the last people!

We decided to go and sit there, whilst dodging past the burgers chucked on the floor, spilt beans on the table, salt scattered all over the table, lack of menus, no cutlery etc and chose what we wanted. After returning to the bar, I specifically made a point of asking if the table could be cleaned, to which the barmaid replied she'd get someone to clean it.

After sitting back down, around 10 minutes later, still the table was uncleaned. I decided to pop to the bar again (knowing the food would soon be delivered) to ask if it could be wiped down at least. I don't think is an unreasonable request? There was both another barmaid, and a barman at the bar; the woman I spoke to turned to the barman and asked him to do it, to which he replied: "I'll be serving drinks in a minute...?" and the barmaid was then asked to clean it. After being told she'd come and clean it ASAP, 10 minutes later it still wasn't cleaned, yet our food was brought out.

I highlighted the fact we'd asked for the table to be wiped over TWICE, to which he replied 'one second...' and dumps the food down on the table. He comes back with just a dirty cloth, and wiped over the OPPOSITE side of the table to where we were sat. It really was laughable and an absolute disgrace!

Reluctantly, I paid the bill, but had every intention of contacting Head Office about this matter; I do not believe in getting sub-standard service, and no customer should be chasing employees of a pub to provide NECESSARY service!

I decided to complain to Head Office; Greene King sent a letter apologising, and explained that if we returned and took the letter, an employee at the pub would deduct 20 from our bill. Again reluctantly, we returned and had another meal (I kept the letter secret until paying - I didn't want someone spitting in my salad!)

By chance we had the pub manager serving us when I went to pay the bill. The manager was MORE than reasonable, and a really nice guy it appears. He scraped the entire bill, not just 20 as previously promised, however, I'm in no way inclined to return to this pub again, which is a pity, because it's a lovely pub, with a nice seated area (sofas etc) out the back, and really cosy on a cold day!

18 Apr 2012 15:15

The Stag, Ascot

PLEASE do take my advice, and do NOT visit this pub!

I've been here two times now; the first time was very average in terms of service, but the food was adequate. I really like the interior personally, and thought this added to the experience...

However, after returning a second time, I shall NEVER be sure to visit again! First of all, my partner ordered a Deli Board, I specifically pointed out to the waiter WHICH deliboard, and when it arrived, he was given some seafood board. I quickly pointed out that wasn't what I ordered, and the waiter's attitude was absolutely disgusting. In this case, the customer WAS 100% right, and his attitude was not warranted. It's embarrassing enough having to point out they've made the wrong thing, nevermind his stupid attitude coupled with it!

After this embarrassment, and also may I point out, waiting about 30 minutes for our mains to turn up, a waitress managed to bring the correct dish (amazingly, they managed to knock one up within 5 minutes, so why did the first take over 30 to arrive?!) The food was VERY mediocre, and also slightly over-priced in my opinion.

After going to the bill to pay, I was asked how my visit was, I advised of the poor service and the lack of correct main being brought out, however, the waiter didn't seem to care one bit, nevermind offer to deduct a fiver (or whatever) from our bill!

Also, whilst waiting to pay, the 'lovely' barmaid (total idiot) said to a barman 'you can do this one, I can't be bothered...' in relation to taking my payment. I really should have just walked out at that point without paying! Disgusting service, disgusting attitude, disgusting pub!

18 Apr 2012 14:59

The Hart of Harwell, Harwell

I'm not too keen on this pub; the menu selection is poor in my opinion, and I think they're trying too hard to be rather 'gastropub' like!

Whilst the pub has ample car parking, and is reasonably well decorated inside, the menu choice is poor and the price of dishes on the menu are quite high in comparison to other local pubs.

My partner had a fish dish (unsure which specific one), and whilst he said his fish was nice and *just* the right amount (only just!), the mash was like a child's serving size, and he could have done with some veg to go with it!? I think for the price paid, he should have got almost double the amount of mash AND some veg to compliment the fish!

I had a burger with bacon/some random cheese, and to be honest, it wasn't all that. The bun was dry, the bacon was fatty, and the cheese was non-existent. It was basically just a bun, with a whole heap of lettuce. They con people by shoving about 10 'fries' into those stupid 'mini chip pan fryer' things (if you've been, you'll know what I mean!) and the chips were dry, tasteless; they at least needed some nice seasoning! Also on my plate, I appeared to have half a bag of lettuce (thanks, but I'm not a rabbit!) and a severe lack of any other salad (some tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, red onion, spinach, watercress, different types of lettuce even would have been nice?!)

Not interested in visiting here again because of the above, unless they choose to bring their prices down OR give you a decent amount for your money.

18 Apr 2012 14:04

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