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The Woden, Wednesbury

Even though this review is on the page for the Woden ,it was the Woodman back snug I visited on this particular day ..I had heard rumours of the Woodman back room being a snaggle of vagabonds and ner-do-wells ..but these were the sort of characters I needed for my quest ..As I entered the room a strong acrid smell of burning droppings hit me..I looked over to see the source of the smoke was a yellow frizzy haired youth happily puffing at his pipe..No one dared to utter their objection, as it was said that this fellow ,as an infant had defeated the "schwartzen beest' using only his fists and wit ..It was said that he had built up a resistance to pain by pouring scalding water over his head till he felt no more the sting of pain but welcomed it ...Aye I was in the right place alright....'Lads!,'I shouted holding aloft five crisp pound notes that had been delivered to me from the heavens(near admin block).'.Lads there's an equal share of this bounty, for the brave men who will join me on my exploration to finally prove there is a tunnel leading from the Black church to Dudley castle!...Whos with me!?"..Only silence met my challenge ...In the background the space invaders game beeped , its player muttering , Hot pies, ar.. Hot pies....

17 Apr 2024 14:43

The Myvod, Wednesbury

The younge fellow, hair slicked back with chivvi ,approached the bar as he watched his older friends disappear into the night via an awaiting taxi..Even though he had doused himself with Marbert man,he accepted this attempt at manhood would have never fooled the Wiley doormen at the piggot arms in the Hampton of wolves..The crisply turned out barman took a moment from polishing glasses and day-dreaming of the fatherland to acknowledge the youth with a heel click..."Could I have a can of IRN BRU and a packet of walkers smokey bacon with raw mushrooms in it please?"..The barman clicked his well shone knee-lenghth boots together once more and nodded ,to pay homage to the younge mans excellent choice..The boy took his delicious treats and walked out into the beer garden ,passing the fruit machine that would claim most of his future earnings at rubberastic ,excellently governed by Councillor Archer..Out in the garden in front of many puzzled patrons he ran excitedly through the "maze' for what seemed an eternity..."Hee hee hee...hee hee hee..."until exhausted with giddiness he fell flat on his back and stared up at the night sky and whisperd, in song..."you are my sunshoyne,my only sunshoyne,you make me happee when skoys are grey " and took a well earned bite from an apple

29 Mar 2024 04:09

The Myvod, Wednesbury

..all i am want right,.is to find a nice pub in vicinity of my huge house to sit with my uncles and listen to jeff waynes musical masterpiece on duke box, and to try to blotting out what happen on that dark&fateful night in caldmore...and all i am see is stupid "one leg man 'mako440'and small boy in boxing with west indian ladies!!'
What is happening?!..make it staaaaap.!! is still coming owwwwt...naaauuughh!!!!!

17 May 2014 01:53

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